GOOD NIGHT SAN FRANCISCO is the story of JEREMY (39), a once-passionate Jazz trumpeter, now a detached man who romanticizes about ending his time on earth. He plans his farewell day like a big medley, but when MILES (12), who is dying of cancer comes close to Jeremy’s heels without invitation, they set out on an often hilarious escape which brings them both unexpected friendship and a new lease on life. 


Jeremy, a forty-year-old musician, is a man in crisis.

The sharp-tongued and increasingly cynical Jeremy is disappointed by life’s offerings, and no longer capable of self-medicating away the sobering sadness that comes with awakening from society’s countless delusions. It’s with this conundrum, and depleted reservoir of inspiration that he decides to end his life. A cheating wife, self-absorbed friends and the fading interest to keep making music tip the scale, and affirm what Jeremy perceives to be his final freedom.

With the decision to plunge from the Golden Gate Bridge at sundown, Jeremy embarks on a cathartic farewell tour through San Francisco, saying his goodbyes, tying up loose ends, and slowly dissolving the many complex layers of his being. He makes quick work of friends, family, and band mates, but his journey gets side tracked when he has a chance encounter with Miles (13), a tenacious, misanthropic and wise-beyond-his-years leukaemia patient who abhors the victim mind-set that predominates the cancer ward, and has formulated an escape plan of his own to live out his days in dignity and self-discovery.

Jeremy’s frankness and matter-of-factness about life, death, and the human condition enchants Miles, and motivates him to tag along on Jeremy’s farewell tour, oblivious of its ultimate destination. In the spirit of Jeremy’s mission, he refuses the friendship, attempting on several occasions to deflect and dodge the equally steadfast Miles. But after a city-wide Amber Alert is declared, Jeremy is strong-armed into letting Miles join “the tour”.

Through their ensuing misadventures, Miles taps into Jeremy’s hidden depths and brings back emotions he thought were long lost. Together they re-discover the most primal conditions of the human spirit and gain new perspectives, which ultimately steer both their individual journeys to an unexpected finale.


Black Comedy - Moving - Inspiring

A moving story about everyday struggles, habits, motivations and the importance of friendship; sometimes you need to reach rock bottom so that you can push yourself to rise up again.



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