This film is based on the best-selling novel “Die dunkle Seite des Mondes”, which has sold over one million copies worldwide, by Martin Suter. The successful corporate lawyer Urs Blank (42) begins to question his ways, and philosophy of life after an opposed client commits suicide. In his quest to find some answers he is drawn in by nature, and attracted by Lucille, a bohemian girl in her late twenties. Urs drifts deeper into Lucille’s world, which is entirely new to him, and experiences a dramatic personality change after she persuades him to take some psychedelic mushrooms; Urs looses both his conscience and control over his aggressive impulses. In his desperate attempt to reverse this personality change he embarks on a journey of self-discovery. After several failed attempts Urs finally discovers a potential cure for his problems, which is hidden deep in the forests. However, at this stage the police, and merciless business partners are on his heels. The struggle for his own conscience becomes a race for his life.


Bestseller book adaptation

"The Dark Side of the Moon" - Martin Suter

Publisher: Diogenes ("Perfume" & "The Reader")

Released: Year 2000

A bestseller, nearly one million copies sold in the German speaking region and part of literature in German schools.

Translated into several languages such as French, Russian, Spanish and English.


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Thrilling • Emotional • Moving

A smart thriller about the fascinating world of high finance, love, unfulfilled desires and the fact that it is never too late to change your life for the better




Stefan Rick

His thesis film RICHTUNG LEBEN (Life - This Way) was awarded the Studio Hamburg prize for up-and-coming talent and was also successful at many film festivals around the world. The series which he developed, ALLEIN GEGEN DIE ZEIT (13 Hours - Race against Time) was, among other awards, nominated for the Banff World TV Award and the 2011 international Emmy Award. His debut feature THE GOOD NEIGHBOUR was in competition of the 14th Shanghai International Film Festival. 3.5 Million people saw the German tv-premiere.

Felix Cramer

For his diploma film KEVIN BARRY he was awarded the first KODAK CAMERA PRICE 2003. For HIGH OPERATING he received a nomination for the Camera Festival camerimage in Poland, for THE BEST STUDENT CINEMATOGRAPHY SURPRISE KODAK AWARD (Houston). For the world's first real-time youth crime series ALONE AGAINST TIME he received a nomination for GERMAN CAMERA AWARD 2010 for 505 PARADISE he is currently nominated for the GERMAN CAMERA PRICE 2014.

Stefan Ciupek

He has worked as cinematographer, camera-supervisor, second unit, and colorist on more than 30 feature films by internationally acclaimed directors such as Danny Boyle (127 Hours, Slumdog Millionaire), Lars von Trier (Manderlay, Antichrist), Susanne Bier (After the Wedding), Alexander Sokurov (The Russian Ark), Thomas Vinterberg (Dear Wendy), the Brothers Quay (The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes) and Wim Wenders (Eight: Person to Person).

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